PP recycling machine operating in Colombia


One of the largest PP (polypropylene) packaging producer in Colombia has recently acquired a second 120mm Polystar PP recycling machine. The company focuses on the recycling of in-house as well as washed PP woven bags, jumbo bags, PP raffia and tapes. The first PP recycling machine was installed earlier this year and the investment is coming back very quickly. The PP recycling machine is built with in-line single shaft shredder which reduces the size of the PP jumbo bags and then fed into the recycling machine for pelletizing.

The new addition of the PP recycling machine will increase its output to 600 kg per hour. The PP recycling machine is equipped with Siemens energy saving motors which reduce energy consumption up to 5%. The company is preparing to acquire the third PP recycling machine by the end of this year, aiming to increase output up to 1,000 kg per hour.

The HNT-V PP recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP.