Plastic film recycling machine set up in Australia


Another air-cooled plastic film recycling machine is set up in Australia. The Australia-based film producer is currently operating the machine for recycling PE edge trimmed of HDPE and LDPE.

The compact plastic film pelletizer produces about 50kg per hour. Suitable for in-house recycling, particularly for film producers. It can recycle complete film rolls without the need for pre-crushing or pre-cutting, as well as T-shirt bags bundles and cut offs from bag making process.

Plastic film recycling machine is an essential line in film production today, as in house recycling significantly reduces the cost of raw material. On average, factories with approximately 8 blown film machines need to acquire a plastic film recycling machine to recover the waste that it produces, normally from edge trim or cut offs.

The RP-120 plastic film recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE.