Technical Support and After-Sales Service for POLYSTAR Machines

2023-07-11 | Technical Blog | By Sandy Kuo |

Technical Support and after-sales service are essential considerations when buyers purchase a machine to start their business, as a world-leading plastic recycler, POLYSTAR prioritizes customers’ feedback and satisfaction in the first place. In this blog, we are going to provide an introduction to our company.

1. Before shipping out the machine

Technicians check and adjust the plastic blown film machine
( Technicians check and adjust the details before shipping out the machine. )

Before Shipping out the POLYSTAR machines, our technician studious inspects and tests the components and the overall functionality, ensuring that every detail meets our high standards, our team will also provide machine operating videos for clients to review all the running processes.

2. Online installation

POLYSTAR’s Experienced technicians in online installation services.

When the customers received their machines, we offer the convenience of online installation services. Our experienced technicians can guide you step by step to assemble, which allows customers to get their machines up and running smoothly.

3. Local agent installation service

POLYSTAR’s local agent in Turkey help for machine installation
( POLYSTAR’s local agent in Turkey )

Additionally, we also have local agents situated in various locations who are available to assist customers with on-site installations. Our agents are well understanding of the POLYSTAR machine which enables them to provide excellent service, ensuring that our clients experience a successful installation.

4. Training and support

POLYSTAR give training and Support for your plastic equipment

POLYSTAR provides training and support to make sure that our buyers are well-equipped in using our products, our tutorials providing clear instructions to help users to understand the functionalities of POLYSTAR machines. What’s more, our team also offers a comprehensive user-guiding manual for customers when they need assistance.

5. Fast troubleshooting

POLYSTAR provide quick respond trouble shooting
( Quick response after sales troubleshooting )

Our rapid troubleshooting service provides our clients with immediate assistance and support, whether you encounter technical issues, have questions, or require troubleshooting guidance, our after-sale team is available to address the concerns and solve the problems in a short period.

6. In-stock spare part service

( In-stock spare part )

As time goes by, when operating plastic recycling machines, certain components may become damaged or worn out due to regular use. When such issues arise, it is important to replace the defective components to minimize machine downtime in the production process. When first purchasing POLYSTAR machines, we will provide recommend spare part components list for our customers to plan ahead for the necessary spare parts. Additionally, we also maintain an inventory of the replacement components to make sure the availability and efficient support for our clients.

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