Plast Eurasia 2022 Fair was Fruitful for POLYSTAR

2023-01-10 | Industrial Trends | By Resul Gökpınar |

POLYSTAR cherished once again meeting many of its customers and visitors at Plast Eurasia 2022, which took place at the end of November 2022 in Istanbul. Regarding this year’s exhibition held just after K-Show, local and international visitors’ interest was admirable to POLYSTAR booth and Repro-Flex 100 cutter compactor integrated plastic recycling machine showcased.

Besides local visitors, we also welcomed many interested visitors from neighboring markets including Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and West Asia. A few of the reasons that Repro-Flex took our visitors' interest are said that reliable operation, compactness, and simple design of the machine that allows it can easily fit into their factories in various layouts. Moreover, the flexibility of cutter compactor integrated Repro-Flex can process a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial materials including film and bag wastes, stretch film, multilayer films, pre-shredded regrind, and washed and dried film flakes.

POLYSTAR gains trust of Turkish recyclers and plastic manufacturers

We are glad to witness once again many of our new visitors already recognize POLYSTAR through their friends’ suggestions, the internet, YouTube, or social media. Türkiye is a big and growing market for plastic manufacturing as it shifts from Europe in recent years. The use of recycled polymer in plastic product manufacturing is also an increasing demand and is encouraged. Therefore, the plastic recycling requirement for high-quality recycled pellets is also increasing in the market. POLYSTAR is happy to support its customers in this matter with many successful cases.

Plastic Pelletizing Supplier at Plast Eurasia 2022 Fair in Turkey
( POLYSTAR team and local agent with Durusan Plastik at Plast Eurasia )

Hence, POLYSTAR’s reputation has been rooted in the Turkish market through our happy customers’ references. This year’s exhibition was also very fruitful for us that we ended the exhibition with many confirmed orders including Istanbul-based recycler Sembol Geri Dönüşüm, Gaziantep based plastic bag producer Durusan Plastik, and Istanbul-based bag producer BAG Ambalaj. Among the confirmed orders, we already completed Repro-Flex 100 machine installation successfully at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm just after the exhibition. The machine is working to recycle PE and PP materials at 400 kg/hr.

We asked our customers and visitors: why to choose POLYSTAR?

At Plast Eurasia exhibition, we met with our existing customers and welcomed many new visitors. During our conversations, we asked them the reasons they chose POLYSTAR. Their replies strengthen our commitment to the industry once again.

6 Reasons why customers choose POLYSTAR pelletizers:

  • Reliable machine, with built-in quality and a longer lifespan.

  • Flexible machine design that can process different plastic materials

  • Machine operators found the machines are very simple to operate, maintenance is easy, and does not interfere with continuous production.

  • Pellet quality meets their high standards. Uniform size, degassed, and shiny pellets are optimal to be re-used in production and have higher market value.

  • For many plastic producers, recycling their own factory wastes is more profitable than selling the scraps out. Recycled pellets either can be reused in production or sold at a higher profit.

  • POLYSTAR after-sales services are found responsive and reliable based on existing customer references.

Plastic recycling machine installed in Türkiye just after Plast Eurasia

The showcased Repro-Flex 100 plastic recycling machine was installed at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm, Istanbul based plastic recycling center, just after the exhibition. This has been the third POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine of the recycler since the first machine was bought in 2015.

The Director of the recycling center says he preferred POLYSTAR again, simply because of easy machine operation and good quality pellet output. He explains the reason for using POLYSTAR since 2015:

“My main focus is on easy machine operation and good pellets output. Machine complexity is not necessary. Simple machine design is a plus for me because my operators can run and maintain the machine easily. I saw POLYSTAR solve this issue, a simple design machine that produces high-quality pellets. After-sales services are also trustworthy. I wish to have more POLYSTAR machines in the future as my recycling business grows.”

Hamza Klavuz, Director of Sembol Geri Dönüşüm

Plastic Pelletizing Machine for HDPE, LDPE in Turkey
( Repro-Flex installation at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm )

With the new Repro-Flex 100 plastic recycling machine, Mr. Klavuz recycles industrial plastic waste such as PE and PP film/bag scraps which are collected from local factories. Recycled pellets will be re-used to produce the products as below:

  • PE materials: Market bags, cargo and courier bags, medical waste bags, thin garbage bags on rolls, etc.
  • PP materials: Injection molding bathroom accessories, jar lids, miscellaneous plastic crates for hardware stores and industry, plastic drawers for toolkits, etc.

“Since we are required to provide reliable quality pellets for sensitive plastic product manufacturing (such as thin garbage bags on-roll), the recycling machine must be reliable and produce high-quality uniform size pellets. We have received good results with our existing POLYSTAR machines; therefore, we acquire on more Repro-Flex 100 for these requirements.”

Said Mr. Klavuz

POLYSTAR service and local agent in Türkiye

Our local agent in the Turkish market, Mr. Emrah Çakır, is happy to share the benefits that he and POLYSTAR can offer to Turkish plastic manufacturers and plastic recyclers. To learn more about the successful cases of POLYSTAR in Türkiye, and to see a POLYSTAR machine in operation at one of our customers’ factories; please contact Mr. Çakır or leave us a message. We will find a simple solution for your business.

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