Maximizing Your Plastic Recycling Efficiency with Custom Layouts and Optional Devices

2023-05-16 | Technical Blog | By Resul Gökpınar |
custom and optional device for plastic recycling machine

On a global scale, the need for plastic recycling is increasing to keep the environment and the economy sustainable. Encouraging more businesses to start whether post-industrial recycling or post-consumer recycling activities, requires the plastic recycling machines more user-friendly and flexible. Thus, they can adapt to the versatile requirements of plastic recyclers and producers as well as their factory layout.

How customization maximize the efficiency of plastic recycling?

Plastic recycling machines that are highly capable of customization can play an important role in the recycling process by providing advantages such as:

  • Saving energy and factory space

  • Tailored to specific types of plastic waste

  • Increased flexibility and eased recycling

  • Improved quality of recycled plastic

  • Encouraging recycling for a circular economy

Plastic recycling machine flexible custom layouts

Custom layout of plastic recycling machines
( Layout options of plastic recycling machines )

POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine layouts are highly flexible to be customized based on your factory space. All the cutter compactor integrated, shredder integrated, and hopper feeding recycling machine models can be manufactured in L shape, I shape, and U shape layouts. Based on customer requirements, further customization can be provided.

Moreover, considering changing factory space and the operation flow of the customers, POLYSTAR plastic recycling machines are designed for flexible layouts.

* For instance, if you have installed a cutter compactor integrated model Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine with L shape layout, then you wanted to change it to a U shape, this is possible without adding any extra equipment in most of cases.

  • Contact us for further details on machine layout customization.

Plastic recycling machine customization with optional devices

POLYSTAR provides several plastic recycling machine optional devices that aim for time and cost saving, higher operation efficiency, and better-recycled pellet quality for plastic recyclers and manufacturers. Some of the common plastic recycling machine optional devices are as follows.

Metal detector combine with recycling machine

Metal detector

Precisely detects metal contamination in the material and stops the belt conveyor for the operator to remove it. Prevents machine malfunctioning caused by metal contamination.

Nip-roller attach on the recycling machine

Nip roller

Allows feeding films on rolls to the recycling machine at the same time with the belt conveyor. Increases efficiency and saves time.

Additive and masterbatches feeder install with recycling machine

Additive and masterbatches feeder

Allows adding masterbatch, coloring, or additives precisely to enhance the formula and quality of the recycled material.

Filter reposition enhance degassing efficiency

Repositioned filter

The filter before degassing design enhances degassing efficiency, stabilizes extrusion pressure, and increases yield for heavily printed and laminated materials.

Continuous dual piston screen changer for non-stop operation

Dual piston screen changer

Dual piston (two-channel) screen changer allows filter mesh changing without stopping the plastic recycling machine. Provides a larger filter surface area than slide-type filters, thus less mesh changing.

Continuous backflush screen changer reduces the cost of screen mesh

Automatic back-flush screen changer

The back-flush filter system automatically performs melt waste discharging and reduces the cost of screen mesh replacement as well as saves time.

PLC control system provide user-friendly experience

PLC control System

With a user-friendly HMI, increases recycling automation with features such as automatic pre-heating, parameter optimization, custom parameter memory, online troubleshooting, and so on.

Extra die head help recycle versatile of plastic.

Extra die head for PP/PE

By switching between PP and PE die heads, plastic recyclers, and producers can recycle versatile plastic materials on the same machine.

Bi-metallic screw for Improved wear resistance

Bi-metallic screw

Improved wear resistance against abrasive post-consumer materials. Extends the lifespan of the screw, reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Centrifuge dryer machine provides best pellets drying performance.

Centrifuge dryer

Provides excellent pellet drying and separation performance. Allows the pellets to be directly used in production just after recycling and saves time.

  • Contact our sales specialists for further info about optional device customization.

In conclusion, flexible layout and customization of the plastic recycling machines make it possible to adopt versatile plastic recycling requirements with the minimum investment costs, minimum space requirements and minimum interference of the operation flows in the factories. Perhaps, we didn't cover your customization requirement in this article due to limited space. We would be more than happy to talk further about how we can contribute to your plastic recycling business when you contact us on the earliest occasion.

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