How to Choose the Right Blown Film Machine for Making Small Plastic Bags?

2023-04-12 | Technical Blog | By Renee Castro |

Choosing the right machine for small film width

When producing monolayer plastic film of 800mm or less, producers have high flexibility regarding the machine features they can choose. Films of these sizes are commonly used for different types of bags like T-shirt bags, shopping bags, bottom-sealing flat bags, supermarket bags, etc.

POLYSTAR offers different machine types to choose from: Producers can choose between a mini-type blown film machine (Simple-X) or a Twin head blown film machine (Duo-X).

Both of these extruders can be used to produce small-width plastic film made of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, recycled, or biodegradable materials.

Producing film rolls of smaller width can be an easy way for producers who are new in the business to begin their production. Sizes under 800mm are also very common for producers who start to switch their bag production from outsourced into in-house.

Machine comparison

1. Twin head blown film machine - Duo-X

Duo-X is designed with a single screw that splits the plastic melt into two separate die heads, which is ideal for achieving a higher output in reduced spaces.

Additionally, this machine allows you to produce two separate film rolls of different sizes simultaneously. Which helps avoid lost material and machine downtime when changing the die heads. Moreover, Duo-X saves space in your factory while making it easier for the operator to monitor the machine.

PE PP Small bag blown film line
( Changing and monitoring film rolls is easy for the operators )

POLYSTAR’s Duo-X model is highly popular among Vietnamese and Latin American producers, thanks to its high output and space-saving properties.

PE PP small bag twin head blowing film machine in Vietnamese.
( Twin head machine operator in Vietnam uses POLYSTAR in its factory )

2. Mini-Type Blown Film Machine – Simple-X

On the other hand, the Simple-X machine is ideal for first-time producers or for producers who have different material or color requirements.

Many producers purchase more than one line given that they are more economical, allowing them to designate one machine for each product. This can help shorten machine downtime while changing the die head and avoid losing material when switching sizes, colors, or formulas.

PE PP Mini-type blown film line in Vietnam
Mini-type blown film machine for PE PP small bags in Vietnamese
( Mini-type extruder used to produce various size and color formulas simultaneously )

PE PP small bag twin head blowing film machine in Vietnamese.

If you are interested in learning more about these blown film machines, contact POLYSTAR, our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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