Hard Plastic Recycling Machine

2022-10-04 | Plastic Recycling Machine | By Janine Cheng |

This hopper-feeding plastic recycling machine is ideal for processing pre-crushed plastic rigid regrind such as milk bottles and plastic containers, washed plastic material in a granule shape coming from the squeezer dryer, and soft plastic material such as pre-crushed film flakes and PE foam.

The recycling procedure is simple: feeding, extruding and pelletizing in one machine. The machine is flexible for customization to install add-ons and components depending on your preference.

Hard Plastic Recycling Machine

Repro-Direct is a universal plastic pelletizer, suitable for pre-crushed, heavy rigid regrind scraps such as plastic bottles, pipes, containers and lumps in the form of granules. Applicable materials are mainly HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PC, PU, PBU, ABS and others.

ABS granules

Light-weighted, Soft Plastic Recycling

It can also process light-weighted, soft packaging material such as pre-crushed film flakes, PP raffia, PE/PP woven, PE foam and many others with the addition of a force feeder on the feeding hopper.

PE granules

Automatically Controlled Feeding Speed of the Hard Plastic Recycling Machine

The feeding speed is controlled and adjusted automatically for different types of material shapes and weights to ensure stable feeding and output production. When processing rigid regrind (granule), the force-feeding mechanism can be switched off.

fluffy flakes

Advantages of the Plastic Recycling Machine

Faster and Easier Process

In Repro-Direct, plastic material is fed into the hopper directly without the need of pre-heating before extrusion. When processing rigid regrind or compressed washed flakes, this recycling system ensure faster and easier starting and stopping process, compared to other system( such as machines with an integrated cutter compactor which requires pre-heating before starting.)

Recycling Process

hopper feeding recycling process

  1. Direct Feeding

    Feed by auto-controlled screw feeder or belt conveyor to ensure stable feeding.

  2. Double Degassing System

    Able to process both printed and non-printed material.

  3. Filtration

    Duo-piston filtration system for non-stop operation and reducing machine down time

  4. Pelletization

    Automatically speed adjustment for more uniform pellets and less labor intervention.

  5. Final Product

    Recycled plastic pellets can be put directly back into the production line such as blown film extrusion and pipe extrusion.

Flexible for Customization:

  • A Screw conveyor or belt conveyor - for facilitating material feeding
  • A large anti-bridging storage tank - for storing large-volume plastic waste. The constantly turning rotors prevent plastic flakes from bridging inside the tank. Positioned on the top of the feeder screw, it provides a continuous supply of plastic material with a precisely controlled feeding mechanism.
  • A crusher - for pre-crushing the plastic material before entering the extruder
  • Unvented, single or double degassing - depends on the material type and condition
  • Customization - vacuum degassing system, two-channel filter, water ring die face cutting or strand die pelletizers, a metal detector can be added depending on preference.

Plastic Materials that can be Processed into the Hopper Feeding Plastic Pelletizing System:

Hard Plastic Regrind
Hard Plastic Regrind

Washed Material
Washed Material



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