Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Recycling Machines

2023-07-04 | Technical Blog | By Maria Lopez |
Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Recycling Machines

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions blog about Plastic Recycling Machines. POLYSTAR’s plastic recycling machines are designed to help plastic producers and recyclers turn their plastic waste into usable recycled materials, reducing the impact on the environment and helping to create a more sustainable future. In this blog, we will provide some answers to the most common question made by our customers.

1. What types of plastic can be recycled using your machines?

Our machines can handle a wide range of plastics, including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, ABS, PA, PU, PS, EPE, EPP, EPS, and more.

POLYSTAR plastic recycling machinery in Taiwan can handle a wide range of plastics.
( POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine can handle a wide range of plastics. )

2. What is the capacity of your plastic recycling machines?

Our machines are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from small-scale machines (up to 50 kg/hr) for post-industrial waste to large industrial machines for high-volume production (up to 1 ton/hr).

3. Can I recycle multiple types of plastic materials all at once without sorting them?

It's recommended to sort the plastic materials by type before feeding them into the recycling machine to have better quality on the recycled pellet to be used back in plastic production.

Sorting the plastic materials by type before plastic recycling
( Sorting the plastic materials by type before feeding. )

4. What can I do with the output pellets?

The recycled pellets can be reused back into your production line, or they can be sold to other plastic producers.

5. How do your plastic recycling machines work?

We have different models for different requirements and materials. Here is the operation video of each of them:

1. Plastic Recycling Machine with Cutter-Compactor Integrated

2. Plastic Recycling Machine with Single Shaft Shredder Integrated

3. Two-stage Plastic Recycling Machine

4. Hopper Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine

5. Air-cooled Plastic Recycling Machine

6. What is the maintenance required for your plastic recycling machine?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the recycling machine are required to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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