Exploring Different Industries and Product Uses for Plastic Films

2023-08-30 | Industrial Trends | By Janine Cheng |

Plastic films are versatile, lightweight, and flexible, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be processed and transformed into various products to meet different consumer needs.

Notably, plastic films excel as barriers, effectively protecting items from potential damage. Their affordability, accessibility, and convenience further enhance our daily life.

In this blog, let’s explore the widespread usage of PE film products across different industries. Furthermore, we will provide a machine guideline for your reference if you would like to produce these popular plastic film products.

Commonly seen PE plastic film applications in different industries

Plastic films are processed and turned into different forms for different uses. They are basically for carrying and protecting items, isolating pollution, and bringing convenience to our daily life.

1. Retail Industry

Heavy-duty supermarket bags, flat shopping bags, vegetable and fruit bags, gusseted T-shirt bags

Plastic bags are commonly found in various places like supermarkets, department stores, and traditional markets, offering convenient solutions for carrying items. These bags are designed with a sturdy structure to ensure they can bear significant weight and are often printed with logos for branding.

thick plastic shopping bags
HDPE vegetable and fruit plastic bag
( Plastic bags: plastic grocery bags and fruit bags )

2. Household

Zipper bags, cooking bags, garbage bags, disposable plastic tablecloths, disposable gloves

Household plastic film applications provide convenient solutions for storage and cleaning tasks. Zipper bags are often preferred over glass containers to save time on cleaning when storing or marinating food. Similarly, disposable tablecloths and gloves offer a practical way to minimize the need for extensive cleaning.

plastic zipper bag for containing food
HDPE disposable gloves
( Household plastics: zipper bags and disposable plastic gloves )

3. Food and Beverage Industry

Heat-resistance bags, cup-sealing film, bread bags, self-sealing cookie bags

Plastic bags act as reliable barriers, protecting food and beverages from potential pollutants while preventing spills and leaks. Additionally, their flexibility makes them suitable for both solid and fluid food items.

street food in plastic bags
plastic bags are widely used in bakery
( Food packaging: street food plastic bags and bread bags )

4. Logistics and Shipping

Courier bags, air cushions, bubble film, protective covers

For shipping purposes, plastic films and bags are to prevent items from exposing and falling apart during transportation. Moreover, applications like air cushions and bubble films offer an additional layer of impact absorption, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

plastic bubble wrap provides protection during transportation
two layer plastic bags are commonly used as courier bags
( Shipping packaging: bubble wrap and courier plastic bags )

5. Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Medical waste bags, specimen bags, drug bags, disposable aprons

Plastic films and bags play a crucial role due to their exceptional barrier properties. They serve purposes such as storing hazardous waste, preventing cross-infection, and maintaining the cleanliness of medical items for invasive procedures.

plastic bags have excellent barrier properties
 disposable aprons can be made from PE plastic films
( Medical plastics: specimen bags and disposable aprons )

What qualities make high-quality plastic films?

High-quality plastic films should be superior at these qualities:

  • Strength and durability

    Bear demanding weight or impact without tearing

  • Moisture, heat, and oxygen barrier

    Preserve the integrity and freshness of the item

  • Flexibility

    Conform to different shapes of the item, ensuring efficient packaging

  • Heat sealability

    Ensure secure closure and protection by good heat-sealed performance

  • Printability

    Allow for high-quality printing, boosting branding and information display

  • Sustainability

    Reduce the impact on the environment, such as using eco-friendly materials

Blown film machines for diverse applications

Solutions for producing Polyethylene plastic films – HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE

POLYSTAR offers diverse solutions for different end products. For instance, Twin-head blown film machines and Mini blown film machines are ideal for producing narrow film widths, suitable for applications like fruit bags, zipper bags, and drug bags.

For larger plastic film products such as garbage bags, pallet covers, and tablecloths, our Standard blown film machines provide wider plastic films to meet your requirements.

When it comes to thicker plastic bags capable of carrying heavier weights, we recommend AB/ABA/ABC blown film machines. The multilayered structure enhances the strength of the plastic films while allowing for different properties in the A, B, and C layers.

Highly automated and user-friendly blown film machines enable you to produce high-quality plastic films with the desired key qualities. Additionally, we offer customization options and optional devices to meet your specific requirements.

Last but not least, our special screw design allows for the incorporation of recycled materials, CaCO3, and biodegradable materials, providing both financial and environmental benefits.

If you are interested in producing plastic films, contact us right now.

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