5 Advantages of POLYSTAR for Your Plastic Recycling and Blown Film Businesses

2023-06-09 | Industrial Trends | By Resul Gökpınar |

As a leading manufacturer in the plastic industry, more than 4950 POLYSTAR plastic recycling machines and blown film extruders are operating in 110 countries today. This is a result of our satisfied customers, who have experienced the advantages of using POLYSTAR machines for their businesses. Here we have listed 5 of those advantages that are most pointed out based on our customers' feedback.

1. Simple operation makes it easier for you and your operators

Following the 'Recycling Made Simple' and 'Extrusion Made Simple' concepts, POLYSTAR always works on user-friendly machine design and operation. The main purpose is to manufacture machines that are as simple as possible, yet provide high durability and operation performance.

As the machine design makes it easy for their operators to learn how to install, start-up, operate, and maintain the machine; this concept is the main key to our customers’ success.

“The high-quality pellets and the compactness of the machine are fascinating. Most importantly, my factory manager learned the operation of the machine after seeing it for only 2 days. It is so simple!”

Managing Director of the Bahraini Plastic Producer

POLYSTAR designs simple to operate machines

2. Fast machine delivery helps your cash flow

Short machine delivery time is crucial for our customers to timely start their production or increase their production capacity. Our standard machines are constantly under production and can be delivered within 2-3 months to your factory floor. Compared to the 6-12 months offered by European manufacturers, our delivery time is at least 3 times shorter.

“We bought a POLYSTAR Repro-Flex 85 in October, and already have the machine up and running by December. This entire process is extremely efficient. The last time we ordered a recycling machine from a European supplier, we waited almost 7 months to finally have the machine installed.”

Mr. Yaver, a renowned film producer located in Istanbul, Türkiye

3. Short machine downtime equals more profit

We are aware of stable performance is the key to productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability for our customers’ businesses. Besides manufacturing simple-to-operate machines, we also make sure they are of high built-in quality and consist of universal components, which ensures minimum machine downtime.

Responsive spare parts team of POLYSTAR

In terms of responsive after-sales service, POLYSTAR has the advantage of having a spare part and troubleshooting team who can respond to customers’ inquiries within 24 hours. The team keeps most of the critical spare parts in stock to shorten the delivery time for replacement parts. As we use high-quality universal electrical components, customers can easily find them in their country and replace them.

“When I ask the operators, mechanics, and maintenance staff to compare POLYSTAR pelletizers and blown film machines to other machines we have been operating previously, they say POLYSTAR is much better in terms of functionality, operation, and maintenance because the machine's components are great,” Eduardo remarked.”

Eduardo Zamora, the CEO of Plasticonsumo, Ecuador

4. Continuous re-engineering keeps you competitive

The ability for continuous re-engineering allows POLYSTAR to improve its machines and keep them up to date for the everchanging market and customer requirements. This helps our customers to meet the industrial trends and stay competitive in the market.

We always listen to our customers’ feedback and constantly improve our machines to make them more customized and user-friendly, while they are completing required tasks efficiently.

"Before we decided to buy plastic pelletizer from POLYSTAR, we also tested other companies' machines with our materials. Then decided on this machine because we got good results. We used to outsource our recycling before, but now we do it in-house, it is more economical and we are satisfied."

Sürmeli Plastik Türkiye Co-owner Mr. Adil Burak CESUR

Continuous re-engineering is a key of competition

5. Competitive price delivers high value at a reasonable cost

Our customers often compare POLYSTAR machines with European machines in terms of built quality and stable operation. On the other hand, they take advantage of reasonably lower investment costs and witness fast return on investment just after a short while they started to operate the machine.

“My experience includes installing and operating American extruders and German extruders for over 30 years. My opinion of POLYSTAR is they do a very good job of designing and building extruders for a reasonable price that cannot be matched. The German machine I looked for before I decided on the POLYSTAR was at three times the cost.”

Tennessee, USA-based recycler, Mr. Irvin Payne

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