Simple Operation. Low Maintenance. Easy Spare Parts Replacement.
High quality and efficiency recycling.
Achieved in an easy way
Choose POLYSTAR. Choose Simplicity.
Choose the #1 selling plastic recycling machine in the world

POLYSTAR Recycling Made Simple
High quality recycled pellets
Up to 100% reusability back into your production line. Post-industrial waste generated from production of film, raffia and injection regrind can be recycled efficiently and put right back into your production lines. Meaning less amount of new (raw) material needs to be used in your production.
Lower power consumption
thanks to excellent screw design and energy saving motors, you can produce more kg/hr using less energy
Lower production and logistics cost
POLYSTAR machines are both labor and space saving
Our Experience, Your Advantage
No.1 Manufacturer in Taiwan
34 years of experience
Machines installed
Global leader in 110 countries
Simple Operation
POLYSTAR focuses on the user-friendliness of its machines through continuous re-engineering, making operation extremely “Simple" for its users – Easy operation and maintenance is the reason why POLYSTAR is so popular in the market today
34 years of experience
Through years of manufacturing and designing experiences and continuous customer feedback, POLYSTAR has become one of the global leaders in the field through 3 generation of technological evolution
A global leader with 4,950 machines installed
More than 4,950 machines have been installed since 1988. Proven success in in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East & America
Satisfied customers  in 110 countries
POLYSTAR has been working closely with plastic producers around the world and has established itself as a premium brand that offers reliable and high performing machines in the market
Complete product range
Both cutter-compactor, single shaft shredder integrated recycling technologies are provided to fulfill every recycling application.
In addition, the experience of manufacturing both recycling and blown film extrusion machines gives POLYSTAR the opportunity to better understand how in-house recycled pellets work in blown film extrusion  lines.
Installation and after-sale services
POLYSTAR has technical service teams in major markets with in-stock spare parts
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