How to Recycle Rigid Plastics

Source: Kunststoffe International

Date: 03/02/2023


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Today, environmental issues are more important than ever, and people are becoming more conscious of their surroundings. Plastic recycling is a great way to help the environment. This is especially important for rigid plastics.


Rigid plastics, often known as hard plastics, are used in the manufacturing industry and everyday life. In comparison to flexible packaging (such as films and bags), rigid plastics provide better protection for the goods. Plastic chairs, toy parts, baskets, trash cans, pipes, bottles, bottle caps, and other items are examples of this.


rigid plastics-sert plastikler

Example of Products Made of Rigid Plastic


The majority of post-industrial and post-consumer trash ended up in landfills. As a result, they lose their ability to be recycled and enter the circular economic process. Here are two simple ways to get started with the circular economy:


  • From hard plastics to rigid regrind. The plastics must be crushed (re-grind) first into smaller pieces. Typically, the plastic material is processed by a shredder or crusher before being delivered to the washing and drying process.

  • From rigid regrind to recycled pellets. These plastic pieces coming from the shredding can be recycled with a plastic pelletizer extruder.


repro-direct regrind pelletizer

Repro-Direct: Solution for Rigid Regrind


Due to the increasing number of producers and people talking about the importance of recycling, Polystar provides a variety of flexible and cost-effective plastic recycling machines around the world. The aim is to help customers understand the importance of the process and provide them with the necessary machines to make an easy and stable operation.

Hard plastic regrind (hard plastic regrind, PS, ABS) is fed straight into the hopper in Repro-Direct, eliminating the requirement for pre-heating before extrusion. This system makes the process easier and faster for these highly abrasive materials throughout the whole pelletizing machine. Providing the customers with high-quality pellets for their production lines.






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