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One-step process for PE, PP film
One-step process for
PP raffia and hard-to-grind material
Air-cooled. Super compact.
HDPE and LDPE post-industrial film
Air-cooled. Super compact.
HDPE adn LDPE post-industral film.

One-step process for PE, PP film. A cutter-compactor integration

Single shaft shredder integration for one-step process of PP raffia and hard-to-grind material

Air-cooled. Super compact. HDPE and LDPE post-industrial film

Designed specially to process rigid regrind (hard plastic) directly

Suitable Material

Printed and non-printed PE, PP film BOPP, CPP, multi-layered film, shrink film, stretch film, PE and EPE foam. Washed and dried film flakes from washing line. Thermoformed PS, PP. Soft irrigation pipe.

PP raffia, woven, non woven, FIBC/jumbo bags, blown film star-up lumps Film scraps. PP fiber, yarn, tapes. Injection moulding parts, solid lumps. Thermoformed PP products.

HDPE and LDPE film on roll, bag cut-off and punches non-printed or very lightly printed (under 10%) film

Rigid Regrind from injection moulding PE and PP pipes (pre-shredded)

Suitable Industry/ Application

Film, flexible packaging, raffia, woven, recyclers Food packaging, agricultural film production industrial packaging, waste packaging

Raffia, film, flexible packaging, food packaging Agricultural film production, industrial packaging, waste packaging

Film, shrink film packaging, flexible packaging

Injection molded, pipe manufacturer, recyclers

Feeding mechanism

Belt conveyor, nip roller feeder

Belt conveyor

Nip roller feeder

Screw conveyor or belt conveyor

Extruder size available

65mm, 85mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 165mm

85mm, 100mm

120mm (short screw L/D ratio)

65mm, 85mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm

Output Range

100~ 1,000kg

150 ~ 300 kg/hr

40 ~ 50 kg/hr

80 ~ 800 kg/hr

Main advantage

Direct, one-step process of light-weighted film scraps without the need for pre-cutting or agglomerating Very stable and consistent output

Integration of the powerful shredder directly processes PP raffia without the need for pre-crushing Discontinuous feeding

Super compact, easy to install. Fits right next to blown film or bag making machines. Waterless. 100% dry pellets Lower machine cost and fast return on investment 100% automatic feeding for film-on-roll.

Rigid regrind (hard plastic) is transported directly into the extruder by feeding hopper. Simple and direct without extra power consumption from unnecessary pre- conditioning unit

Process steps

Cutter compactor (cuts and compacts) --> Directly feeds to extruder after preconditions —> Degassing —> Filtration -> Water ring pelletizing -> Storage silo
For heavily printed material (more than 60% printed area) The filtration and degassing position can be reversed to process the heavily printed material more effectively - Cutter compactor -> Directly feeds to extruder after preconditions —> Filtration —> degassing -> water ring pelletizing -> Storage silo

Single shaft shredder -> directly feeds to extruder after shredding -> Degassing —> Filtration -> water ring pelletizing -> Storage silo

Nip roller feeder —> directly feeds film on roll into extruder (small scraps can be fed manually) —> filtration —> air pelletizing —> storage tank

Belt conveyor —> directly goes into extruder —> degassing —> filtration > water ring pelletizing -> storage tank

Cooling (pelletizing) type

Water ring (hot die face cutting)

Water ring (hot die face)

Air cooled (die face)

Water ring (hot die face)


Two channel (non-stop dual cylinder type) Non-stop operation during screen changing

Two channel (non-stop dual cylinder type) Non-stop operation during screen changing

Manual (lever) type Non-stop operation during screen changing

Two channel (non-stop dual piston type) Non-stop operation during screen changing


Double, single vented, or without degassing

Double or single degassing

Without degassing (unvented extruder)

Double, single, or without degassing

Can directly process (Without pre-cutting)

film scraps, film rolls, bag cut-offs, pre-shredded rigid regrind (1cm x 1cm), pre-shredded raffia

Raffia, jumbo bags, PE/PP blown or cast film start-up lumps

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Can also process



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Cutting integration
世林 (POLYSTAR) - 经淬链而得以精、简

世林 (POLYSTAR) - 经淬链而得以精、简 来源: 台北国际塑橡胶工业展 官方展前报导 日期: 2018.06.18

Cutting integration

位于日本东京的PE薄膜专业回收商,于一年之内已再次采购POLYSTAR HNT-120V大型薄膜废料回收造粒设备,用来回收处理LDPE及HDPE厂内工业薄膜废料,每小时回收造粒产能达400~500公斤/小时。这些厂内工业薄膜废料的来源是收集来自日本当地专业制造重印刷与非印刷薄膜用袋所产生的塑废料。

Cutting integration
台湾指标性包装膜生产商选用 POLYSTAR 回收造粒机


Cutting integration